GB Community

GB Community is our foundational research offering in biobanking with the Biobank of the America as our flagship. This infrastructure can then be expanded to other communities with the focus on diversity as a central tenet.


Galatea Bio is committed to work with the GB community to build and expand the infrastructure needed for a federated network of biobanks with diverse populations.  We work and share our knowledgewith each partner in our biobank network to ensure our samples and data are of highest quality.

Biobank as a Service (BaaS)

Galatea Bio’s College of American Pathologists (CAP) accredited biobank offers storage solutions for specimens at controlled ambient temperatures, 4°C, -30°C, -80°C, and -100°C with redundant back-up systems. Automated temperature monitoring system monitors storage temperatures that meet CAP, FDA and other regulatory standards. Our sample management system offers full sample accessioning with a full chain of custody that maintains the highest standards. Your samples are always available for retrieval whenever they are needed.

Galatea Freezers Plus 2021

Biobank of The America

The Biobank of the Americas (BBofA) is a public-private consortium bringing together diverse organizations under one common goal: build the largest genomic database focused on underrepresented populations. Galatea Bio empowers BBofA by providing ancestry and clinical testing services.

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Research Collaborations

Since we can maintain a full CLIA chain-of-custody through the process we are able to partner with different pharmaceutical companies interested in connecting with a diverse population on clinical studies. Our goal is to provide the right solution for our pharma partners. Studies underway include (but are not limited to):

Recruitment into prospective studies
Retrospective data analysis for target identification and prioritization
Genomic data generation and/or analysis
Applying ancestry tools to large cohorts of WGS/WES data

Some of our partners

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